We believe in the power of fundraising via your smartphone but don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of the Coaches and Athletic Directors we’ve worked with.

We have been selling Discount Cards for 13 years as a fundraiser. This was the first year selling the FuelMyClub Coupon APP and we sold more than ever before. It was simple, players were able to reach more clients, and the ability to track sales is a great tool. I have heard back from several satisfied customers that this is WAY more valuable than a simple card! We are looking forward to increasing our sales for next year, as customers can auto renew (Credit Card sales) and players can reach out to new clients.

Will Smith

Head Baseball Coach, Worth County High School, Sylvester, Georgia

Naperville Central football has teamed up with Fuel My Club for fundraising the past 2 seasons in an effort to streamline our fundraising process. We have all done the discount card and have our athletes go door to door trying to sell to people they don’t know. The Fuel My Club app has allowed athletes and their parents the use of social media and smartphones to help raise funds. The app works great and gives discounts all throughout the country. You are no longer limited to local merchants on the physical card. Once you purchase the app and enter your location, hundreds of discounts appear in that area.


One of our favorite features is the dashboard and it’s ability to track individual sales to see how athletes are progressing with fundraising. Coaches also have the ability to send text messages as encouragement to the athletes through the Fuel My Club dashboard. We look forward to much continued success with the Fuel My Club platform.

Andy Lutzenkirchen

Athletic Director, Naperville Central High School

Naperville Central Football has had the opportunity to work with Fuel My Club the past 2 years. The service and organization they provide has made the fundraiser very easy to manage from a coach’s perspective. The quality and number of vendors available on the app have made it easier to get people to donate to our program. The process is easy for coaches to monitor and keep track of the sales by their position players. We have been very pleased with Fuel My Club program here at Naperville Central.

Michael Stine

Head Football Coach, Naperville Central High School

The fundraiser with coupon books/discount cards is nothing new. The ability to do so utilizing today’s technology is a game changer! We used The Fuel My Club app as a fundraiser for our total athletics program. Great monetary gains with an added bonus of outstanding customer service and building personal relationships with their team! We appreciate partnering with others who have a true heart for supporting kids’ futures.

Larry Davidson

Athletic Director, Oxford High School

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