The Way Your Club Raises Funds is About to Change...

The burden and pressure on coaches to not only make sure they have proper funding each year but to continue to have a winning program is overwhelming. Fuel My Club’s focus is simple. Make it easier for coaches, kids, and parents to raise more money, year after year. Time to take a break Coach, and let Fuel My Club do the work for you.
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FuelMyClub is currently being implemented by a select series of schools & organizations. Click here to request more information!


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You sell the Fuel My Club Fundraising App for a price you specify.


Supporters download the app and enter their unique activation code.


Coupons on their phone allow supporters to save at thousands of locations!


You get 60% or greater profit margins and the best fundraiser ever!

Take your fundraiser further than just door to door.

No longer restricted to physical coupon cards, your team can now tap the power of their social media and give your fundraiser greater possibilities to be sold to not only local supporters but friends and family members in other states. With our local and national coupon deals, everyone is sure to find value as a supporter.

Fundraiser Manager

No minimum sales. It’s your turn to take advantage of mobile technology and the social media revolution to make your fundraising easier and more effective.


Get the whole family involved and as Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grand Pa, Grand Ma, and even parents of your friends to help share through social media with just the push of a button.


Along with high value coupons from top brands, give your supporters updates to encourage a sense of community and build a stronger fan base.

Powerful tools designed to simplify the fundraising process.

Fundraiser Managers

No more hard goods to buy, track, keep up with, deliver or worse, have to return. Relax! We take care of everything.

Insightful Dashboard

Instant updates on the progress of your fundraiser.

Automatic Money Collection

Accept credit card, check or cash all while knowing exactly which participants need to turn in collected funds.


Team Stream

Got something to say? Communicate instantly with the entire team.

No upfront costs to schools and organizations!
Sign up now, get paid when you close your fundraiser!

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Unleash Your Social Media Experts!


Your team is already loaded with social media experts! Take advantage of the marketing power you have.

The requirement of transportation and going door to door is over. Reach far more people and raise a lot more funds, right from home or at school. Fundraising is now at everyone’s fingertips.

Family and friends in other states will now find value in your fundraiser. Not only with national coupons but with Team News, they will be updated through the app.

Get Funded Faster

By sharing your fundraiser on popular social media sites, your supporters will also be helping you reach the goal faster. We make sure you get credited with any donations received through your individual fundraiser page.

Zero Inventory

No more worries about losing or handing out printed cards, wrapping paper, or any other traditional fundraiser goods.

Tap into the power of your club’s social network and watch your fundraiser exceed your expectations.

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Deals from your favorite local businesses plus more top national brands!


Build a loyal following and team community by offering more than just a printed coupon card and a Thank You.

High Value Coupons

Bring your own local deals or just use our local and national deals.

Automatic Renewals

Supporters can renew the app at the end of the year and the funds will be credited towards your next fundraiser. Have a participant graduating or leaving? No worries, the supporters yearly renewal will still be credited to the fundraiser.

Team News

Show them the new equipment you purchased with the donations. Tell them about the big win last night. Keep your following strong with our Team News.

Fuel my Club is currently being implemented by a select series of schools and organizations. Contact us to join in!


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